Best Watches Under 500 Dollars (Overall Guide Of 2017)

It is time to pick one type of watch to break your heart. Not matter what kinds of watch,the casual watches, the sports watches, the classic watches, the smart watches, etc, If you are looking for the Best Watches Under 500 Dollars, In this report,I can help you.

Here I have to say choosing a watch that you will wear forever is not very easy. You should think about its quality, its features, and its cost performance and if its style goes well with your style. With 500 dollars, you can get a good watch equipped with all the basic features you need and some new designs.But if you are still hesitate about which one to choose, I have got the top rated watches under 500 dollars of 2017 (For Men & Women) on the market, Below is our top tier customer-curated watches featuring styles to suit all tastes.

Best Budget (Casual/Sports/Smart) Watches Under 500 Dollars In 2017

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All the information comes from the Amazon. I am gonna update this chart every two weeks.

Some tips: choosing best affordable watch under $500

First of all, you’d better choose a watch according to its features. Some watches focus on the basic features and the classic design; others have those new features which may impress you. And then, you’d better choose a watch which goes best with your clothing and the occasion where you are frequent to be present. Besides, the price and the quality are also important. You can check the reviews of users in order to know about the quality of products. And if you log in the Amazon, you can get many discounts. Here are three good products under 400 dollars.

Top 3 Best Watches Under 500 I Recommend Today


3 Best Affordable Men’s Watches Under 500 Dollars (Aount $400)

Citizen Men’s CA0295-58E Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch for under 500

This black watch made of stainless steel is really cool to wear. It is well designed and it’s equipped with all basic features which a watch is expected to have. What’s more, the Eco-drive technology enables the watch turns the light into energy. Besides, theNighthawk 60 minute chronograph is also one of its special features. This watch is water-resistant so it’s quite durable to use. After using it, most of the customers think highly of its eco-drive technology, because of this technology, the batteries are not necessary. And it looks great and is of good quality. But there are also some problems. After some days, the color begins to fade away. And the band is not good to wear. Users think that a watch under 400 dollars could be better.

Citizen Men’s AT9010-52E Eco-drive watch under 500 dollars

Another Citizen men’s watch made of stainless steel. It has orange contrasts on dial, stick markers, alternating numeraland five-link bracelet, which ensure the perfect performance. Because of the Eco-drive technology, this watch doesn’t need any battery. The dial window is made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal which ensures that you can see the date display clearly anytime. Besides, for those people who like recreational scuba diving, this watch is quite suitable, because it’s water resistant to 660 feet. After checking the reviews of users, I find that all of them think highly of this product. They even say that it’s the best watch of Citizen which functions perfectly and looks cool. What’s more, if you are a traveler who has to travel around the world, this watch will meet your demands. The radio control works well in most of the major cities in the world, so you can read the local time easily. In a word, spending 400 dollars to buy this watch is quite a bargain.

LG Electronics GWatch  under $500

It’s the first watch in the world which has Full Circle P-OLED Display. As most of the smart watches, this watch can work with most devices with an Android 4.3. It can also be controlled by your voice because of the “OK, Google”Voice Commands. With the Built-In Heart Rate Monitor, youcan keep fit while you are doing sports. This watch is Water and Dust Resistant, you can use it casually without worrying too much about it. Owning a smart watch means that you have more than a watch. It can be used as a GPS or a weather forecast. Users say that it’s a great watch to showcase the android wear. However, it looks sporty and cool. If you want a sports watch while you going out, it’s quite suitable for you. And it will go well with your android phone; the smart features will also amaze you. People prefer its display which is always on screen. It means that you can see clearly the time in variousangles and lighting conditions.But someone thinks poorly of its battery and he finds that it’s hard to charge.



The two Citizen watch are of the good quality and they are both equipped with so many classic features. But the second one is an auto watch. Compared to the products of Citizen, the LG watch is quite different, because it’s a smart watch. It means that it can work with your smart android phone and provides you lots of kinds of features.

Build and design

All of them are good in quality, especially those two products of Citizen. As for the design, I think that the first one is more casual than others. And the second is easier to go with you all kinds of cloths. If you are a sporty man, you can take the third one.


There is no doubt that the third one is the cheaper and the second one is the most expensive. But it’s quite worth to buy. You will get what you have paid for.

My advice

If I were you, I will choose a perfect watch even though it’s a little bit expensive. I will recommend you the Citizen Men’s AT9010-52E Eco-drive watch. It’s said that it’s the best AT watch of Citizen and you can get it with only 500 dollars on Amazon. It functions well and it looks cool. The most important is that it’s of high quality and durable to use. After reading my passage, have you got an idea that which is the best affordable watches under 500 dollars?

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